Oudmigrations is an internet-based project dedicated to the journeys of ouds, their histories, and the stories attached to their makers, players, and owners. I developed the research thanks to a Major Research Fellowship from the Leverhulme Trust, and worked in collaboration with musician, luthier and researcher Karim Othman-Hassan.

When we launched in April 2016 we focused on ouds made during the rule of the Ottomans., tracing journeys that these historical ouds have made, ways that oud construction developed regionally over time, changes in the music-social worlds of the oud, and how instrument collecting affects our memories of the Ottoman era. Since autumn 2016 we have broadened our scope to include more recent histories, contemporary events, and new oud trends.

In 2018, thanks to the generous sponsorship of Sheikh Khaled bin Hamad al-Thani, I launched a parallel site in Arabic. 

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