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Three audio-visual works in a series of HOPEFUL ART.
1. Wire Man

2. Wire Head

3. Wire Hand


Water Ghosts 1 and 2
Concert work for clarinet, double bass, vibraphone and electronics.
7 minutes.
Composed for and recorded by Psappha.


Juggling with Extinction
Installation for ‘Living Worlds’ gallery of Manchester Museum.
Fixed media (quad) with interactive layer using motion sensors.
6 minutes.


The juke box that drowned
Composed for Distractfold and developed in collaboration with Distractfold members Daniel Brew and Alice Purton. Electric guitar, ‘cello and electronics.

No Sacred Place 
Radiophonic work for voice, water, oud and electronics
5 minutes 35


Flames of Memory – Sonification of the Manchester Together Archive
Electronic work
5 minutes 13



Fundamentals of the New Normal
Double bass and video
15 minutes
Composed for James Banner.


Unwept Tears
A radiophonic work with narration.
Accordion, oud, udu, sampled voices.
5 minutes.


Improvised Bodies
With Lin Li
A remote-collaboration in sound and image
15 minutes
Premiered at the Royal Musical Association Music and/as Process Conference 25-26 June 2021



Listening to a Boat of Memories
Interactive installation, sound tracks.
15-20 minutes depending on audience.
First iteration: Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester, 4 March 2020

Teatime! (Did you think I was here to make the tea?)
Piano, saxophone, sampled kitchen equipment
5’54 minutes
Teatime! was part of the programme of MicroActs 8 on Thursday 24 June 2021 at Hotel Elephant, London, and has since been screened at Darkroom Festival (London), Façade Video Festival (Plovdiv, Bulgaria) and World Cinema Carnaval (Calcultta) in 2022 and Grand Rapids Feminist Film Festival in 2024. 









Be water, be light
A radiophonic work.
Piano, oud, soprano saxophone, singing bowl, sound track
6’30 minutes

The whale that danced despite everything
Double bass and piano
8 minutes


He tells her
Setting a poem by Wendy Cope.
Voice, oud and marimba
4 minutes.
Premiere: Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester, 4 March 2020
Phoebe Rayner, Rachel Beckles Willson, Tom Hall.

Song for another world
Original text.
Voice, String Quartet and oud
12 minutes.
Premiere: Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester, 4 March 2020
Victoria Armillotta, Blair Taylor, James Young, Christopher Newton and Jakub Zalewski; Rachel Beckles Willson


Sing no Sad Songs for Me
Setting poems by Christina Rossetti
A song cycle for voice, oud, bowed tanbur, Indian tabla and double bass.
35-40 minutes.
Premiere: St Ethlburga’s Centre, London, June 30 2018.
Documentary film:

1. A Pause of Thought
2. Sing no Sad Songs
3. Fata Morgana
4. Waiting for Mother
5. Yet a While
6. Echo
7. A Pause
8. Smile and Forget

Works composed 2011-2013 are creative studies in Ottoman genre and modality.
The Ottoman genre ‘Semai’, follows a particular usul (metre) in 10/8, which is divided 3-2-2-3 for all sections except the penultimate, which is typically in 6/4, 6/8 or 3/4.
The modes are strictly codified in terms of pitch and development.
‘Saz’ means ‘instrument’, and they can be played in any combination or by a soloist, provided the instrumentalist can articulate the microtones.


Acemasiran Saz Semai
Any instrumental combination
3 minutes.

Guldeste Saz Semai
Any instrumental combination
4 minutes.


Acem Kurdi Saz Semai
Any instrumental combination
4 minutes.


Mahur Saz Semai
Any instrumental combination
4.5 minutes.