a playfully serious mixed-media collaboration

Using sound, music and images we explore invisible threads linking people and spaces. We follow intergenerational connections and disconnections, along with intercultural continuity and friction. Our work is often at the interface of embodiment and transience, sensing and non-sensing.

connective tissue is a collaboration between Lin Li and Rachel Beckles Willson

Our completed works include Teatime!, Be water, be light, and Unwept Tears.

“Improvised Bodies”, a work in progress,was premiered at the Royal Musical Association Music and/as Process Conference 25-26 June 2021

Originally from Hong Kong, Lin Li is an artist now based in Scotland. Lin uses mainly moving image and sound in her current artistic practice.  Her creative output in the last ten years encompasses dozens of digital films, largely short pieces in which she explores such themes as the temporality and transience of existence.  She has also produced a number of more socially engaged films which highlight the life and experiences of individuals who may be perceived as different from mainstream society.  

Stand-alone experimental audio pieces also feature in Lin’s oeuvre. Having sung in choirs for many years (including 20 years in the Royal Scottish National Orchestra Chorus followed by 10 years in Russkaya Cappella), she has a special interest in the human voice – in how speech and singing generate or communicate ideas and diverse sonic and affective experiences. The creative use of the voice as a tool for resistance or social commentary is an area she has considered in her sound work and one which she would like to explore further.

More information about Lin Li’s works is available on www.linli-art.com.



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